Saturday, 11 July 2015

Hubby Very Poorly

Hi Peeps.  Thank you for those that commented on my scheduled cards while I was away in France. It was lovely to see my Daughter and her Husband and all her lovely pets.  We miss they dreadfully living there.

I am afraid to say we did have lots of laughs but some traumas too.  My husband was rushed to hospital in France, they wanted him to stay there to do lots of tests and a possible operation but we  thought it best to come home where we would be able to understand all the medical terms a little better as it does get lost in translation.  The journey was very painful for him and a big worry to me.  He is now in our local hospital and they will be running tests in the next few weeks.

Please bare with me as I have to try and catch up with my DT commenting and work in between going back and forth to the hospital.

We were due to go away again on the 3rd August but I don't think that will be possible as even if they let him home while they run the test I think the journey and the day trips out will be too painful for him.




  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your hubby. I hope it's nothing too serious and that he'll get well soon. Hang in there...

  2. Ooh Cathy that is terrible news.... I hope he will recover soon and hopefully you both can enjoy your trip later this year.
    Take care

  3. Oh Cathy, I am so sorry to hear about your hubby, it must be such a worrying time for you. I wish him all the best for a speedy recovery. You take care of yourself too.
    Sending big hugs, Sue xx

  4. Dear Cathy I was so sorry to hear about Tony's illness. I do hope it's nothing serious and things improve for him very soon. Don't forget to drop me a line if I can help in any way sweetie. Love and hugs xx

  5. So sorry to hear that Tony has been ill Cathy. Take care both of you and hopefully he will feel better soon.

  6. Hi Cathy, Sorry to Hear your Husband is Ill I am sending healing thoughts
    Kevin xx

  7. Cathy hugs to you both and well wishes to hubby...Heavens above don't worry about any comments until all is

  8. Oh Cathy I am so sorry to hear that your hubby is not well I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers, don't worry about commenting, glad to have you back and hope the tests go well.
    lorraine x

  9. Oh Cathy, so sorry to hear your hubby is feeling poorly! Thinking of you both and hoping all is well soon.
    Take care of yourself.
    Sending hugs
    Wendy xx

  10. Cathy, this makes me sad. Prayers and all sorts of positive thoughts being sent your way - especially that the doctors will discover the issues, that the problems are not too difficult, and that all is remedied without any type of infection of unpleasant side effect. I don't post very often, but please, never feel you should visit my blog or leave a comment. I care deeply for you and yours, and hope that all is well for you soon. It is scary to journey in the Unknown and watch our loved ones suffer. xoxox

  11. I`m sorry to hear about your hubby,I hope they will find out what`s wrong with him,and I hope he will be better soon.
    Take care and sending some warm thoughts to you!
    hugs to you :)

  12. So sorry to hear your news Cathy - and sending a hug. I do hope that they can soon sort out and treat your hubby - it must be such a worry for you both. Take care and look after yourself
    Kim x

  13. Oh Kathy, so sorry to hear this. Such a stressfull time for both of you. Sending you lots of hugs. Don't forget to look after yourself too. Stay strong. Wishing your hubby a speedy recovery.
    Big hugs, Asha

  14. so sorry to hear of your husbands problems, prayers with you both for him to get well soon
    hugs Kate xx