Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Kenny K New Galz Image Naming Contest

Hi Folks

Kenny K is releasing 5 Galz images on the 23rd of this month.  I couldn't copy the post for you as their template doesn't fit mine and it cut half of it off.  You are invited to name these lovely Galz, the contest is open until 21st of this month and the winner will be announce on the 23rd the same day as the images are released.   For instructions of how to enter go to :- KENNY K'S site.

My Choice is:-
1 - Pammy
2 - Shelly
3 - Stella
4 - Naomi
5 - Carmen

Crossing my fingers really tightly.




  1. I hope your lucky Cathy. Fingers crossed. TFS. Hugs Rita xxxxx

  2. good luck to you and great names, the phrase everything you touch turns to gold is on my work mug - it is under my birth sign so your comment did make me laugh
    thank you
    Hugs Kate xx

  3. Great names Cathy, good luck!
    hugs Sue xx