Monday, 14 September 2009

Another Four Creations LOL!!!!

The above A6 card has been made with an image from Google. I have mounted it on Silver Mirri board. The main card is purple.

This A5 card has been made with a decoupage sheet from Kimsies Whimsies and is called"Kelsey". The backing paper I made myself from an image from Google and I have put it through MCS to produce it.

These two cards, one A5 and the other A6 are Dufex Decoupage Faerie Poppets. I have used half of a Dufex card blank on the fronts. The A5 card looks in the picture like I have mounted it lopsided but I haven't!!! LOL!!!!
Hope you are all not too cold the past few days. We have had mixed weather and have been in a quandary in what to wear. We have a problem also as we are going to France soon to see our daughter and not sure what to pack. Can not take too much as we are flying with a company who mustn't be named that don't let you take too much weight!!!
Thank you for looking today.


  1. Fantastic Cards Cathy, Love the first one,its so funny. hugs Rita xx

  2. Blimey Cathy you have been busy and what a wonderful selection you are showing us and so different. I love the humour in the first ones but I am definitely a fairy lover and the sheen on those Dufex fairies sure shows up perfectly.

    Lorraine x

  3. Brilliant ... I particularly like the first one.

    Jane xx

  4. Fab cards Cathy!
    The first one did make me laugh (mostly because DH and I are getting to be like that these days! lol!)

  5. Great cards Cathy - top two made me smile! Thanks for visiting my blog while I was away in the sun!

  6. Great selection of cards Cathy - I especially like the bottom one. Hope you have a super time in France.
    Ann x